EmageD is a company that provides thermal and environmental studies. 

Founded in 2010 and a player in the ecological transition, our company operates around 4 guiding ideas:


Adapting to an environment in constant change is at the heart of our activity and a need felt by all our partners.


Fixing a malfunction is a need and strengthens our existence. We see the lack of optimisation as a malfunction


We adhere to the idea that one person’s waste is another’s treasure. This is reflected, among other things, in the desire to use materials from reuse.


We see access to a healthy natural environment as a major issue in our future.

Specialised in energy optimisation and environmental quality, our mission is to support, design, analyse and propose tailor-made solutions to our partners, guaranteeing the achievement of environmental objectives for any construction or renovation project.

Part L & SBEM

The energy efficiency requirements of the Building Regulations are set out in Part L of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations and controls the insulation values of building elements, the allowable area of windows, doors and other openings, air permeability of the structure, the heating efficiency of boilers and the insulation and controls for heating appliances and systems together with hot water storage and lighting efficiency. It also sets out the requirements for SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) calculations and Carbon Emission Targets for buildings other than dwellings.

Thermal Comfort

TM52 and TM59 were both developed by CIBSE to assess and address the risk of overheating in buildings. Whereas TM52 can be used to assess any type of building, TM59 has been tailored to specifically target overheating risk in homes

TM59 “Design methodology for the assessment of overheating risk in homes” aims to address the complex way dwellings respond to external temperatures and present the building industry with a standardised methodology to assess overheating risk.

BREEAM International

BREEAM International provides a set of environmental assessment methods that encompass all stages of a building’s lifecycle and which can be applied to developments across the world. They have been designed to provide a stimulus for property owners and national construction industries to improve the performance of buildings and developments beyond standard practice. A key benefit of the methodologies is the flexibility of recognising local best practice codes and standards.

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